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Six children victim of sexual abuse removed from harm as a result of Europol’s Victim Identification Taskforce

2021-07-02 09:08:02
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Quelle: Europol

Europol is managing more than 59 million unique images and video files in its dedicated repository, writes Europol.

To prepare for the action, Europol specialists selected footage of victims whose location and identity had not yet been established. The participants combined their efforts to assess over 300 series. For 47 of these, the likely country of production was identified.

The concerned EU Member States were immediately notified so that they could launch their own investigation at the national level. Europol is now providing support to these countries to help  safeguard the children as quickly as possible and apprehend the offenders. Every piece of information helps.

The images can be viewed at: https://www.europol.europa.eu/stopchildabuse.

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Six children victim sexual abuse removed harm result Europol’s Victim Identification Taskforce


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