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37 arrests in a hit on counterfeiters of high quality €500 fake banknotes in Spain

2021-03-23 14:08:01
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Quelle: Europol

On 9 March 2021, Europol supported the Spanish authorities in dismantling an organised crime group involved in the distribution of high quality counterfeit euro banknotes, fraud and money laundering, writes Europol.

Law enforcement authorities from Germany and Sweden also assisted the investigation. Europol supported the Spanish authorities in this case from the onset. The investigation was triggered in October 2019 by the detection of counterfeit banknotes in several cities in the Spanish province of Grenada.

The suspects were using money mules to introduce the false currency into the legal circuit through the ATMs of a number of Spanish banks. Europol facilitated the information exchange, operational coordination and provided analytical support. During the action day, Europol supported with technical expertise and cross-checked operational information against Europol’s databases and the systems of the European Central Bank. .

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