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Europol turns electronic evidence gathering into a game

2020-10-14 12:08:02
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Quelle: Europol

This is a complex issue to navigate, as online service providers can be located outside of Europe and all have specific ways of receiving such requests from law enforcement, writes Europol.

As electronic evidence is present in most investigations, this is a very relevant issue: law enforcement and judicial authorities need to know which type of data they can request and how to request it.Europol created the SIRIUS project in 2017 to respond to the need of law enforcement and judicial authorities to improve access to electronic evidence during an investigation. SIRIUS is a secure web platform for law enforcement professionals, offering a variety of services to its users, such as guidelines, trainings and tools, to help with accessing data from online service providers.

In three years, the SIRIUS platform has grown to 4500 users from 44 countries, representing all EU Member States.CENTRICĀ is a multi-disciplinary and end-user focused centre of excellence, located within Sheffield Hallam University. The global reach of CENTRIC links both academic and professional expertise across a range of disciplines providing unique opportunities to progress ground-breaking research within security and policing domains..

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Europol turns electronic evidence gathering into game