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Education: Staff training for early childhood education must foster children’s learning, development and well-being

2019-10-25 09:47:00
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Quelle: OECD

TALIS Starting Strong is the first international survey of the ECEC workforce, writes the OECD.

About 15,000 ECEC staff members and nearly 3,000 ECEC leaders from nine countries (Chile, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Korea, Norway, and Turkey) took part in the Survey. It aims to document the backgrounds, education and training of staff and leaders across countries, as well as their pedagogical and professional practices.The results of the Survey also show that in all participating countries staff identify a strong need for continued in-service training, particularly for working with children with special needs.

The most common barrier to participation in professional development, as reported by 56% of staff in pre-primary education, is a lack of personnel to compensate for absences. Staff with higher levels of pre-service education are also more likely to participate in professional development activities.Over 95% of staff in ECEC centres are women.

Their education and training varies across countries, but a majority of the workforce has post-secondary education. Staff generally like their jobs, but not their pay: in all countries, fewer than four in 10 staff are satisfied with their salaries..

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