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Agriculture: Output growth to keep food prices low over the coming decade, but uncertainties ahead

2019-07-08 10:47:01
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Quelle: OECD

At the same time, new uncertainties are emerging on top of the usual risks facing agriculture, writes the OECD.

These include disruptions from trade tensions, the spread of crop and animal diseases, growing resistance to antimicrobial substances, regulatory responses to new plant-breeding techniques, and increasingly extreme climatic events. Uncertainties also include evolving dietary preferences in light of health and sustainability issues and policy responses to alarming worldwide trends in obesity.Despite the impressive growth, the region is facing persistent challenges in terms of food security, as many households are unable to afford the food they need.

The region also faces growing natural resource challenges. Ensuring a more sustainable and inclusive pathway for future agricultural growth will depend on developments in the areas of nutrition, social and environmental protection and support for livelihoods..

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Agriculture Output growth keep food prices low over coming decade but uncertainties ahead