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No More Ransom: how 4 millions victims of ransomware have fought back against hackers

2020-07-28 08:47:00
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Quelle: Europol

While the world is in the grip of a coronavirus outbreak, another virus is quietly wreaking havoc, writes Europol.

Although this virus has been around for years, its cases have been rising alarmingly in the past few months and has brought critical activities such as hospitals and governments to a standstill. This virus is ransomware, but a free scheme called No More Ransom is helping victims fight back without paying the hackers.To do this, simply go to the website nomoreransom.org and follow the Crypto Sheriff steps to help identify the ransomware strain affecting the device.

If a solution is available, a link will be provided to download for free the decryption tool. No More Ransom goes a long way to help people impacted by ransomware, but there are still many types of ransomware out there without a fix. Fortunately, there are some preventative steps you can take to protect yourself from ransomware: .

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No More Ransom: how millions victims ransomware fought back against hackers